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Timothy Cox fort worth texas environment education

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what is the role of education?

Author: jackjohn
Date: 30.09.2014

That was in 1980that  Timothy cox fort worth texas ecology report wrote in Africa strangled the protection of the environment require extensive education campaign generalized, as well as hygiene and malnutrition this cry of alarm of a man who did not let them tell, Africa specialist, environmentalist of the first hour, he had any effect? international organizations whose role is to address the problems of the planet are sometimes awakened late to the protection of the African environment and time in the program departments of cooperation, we mostly rational in terms of investment heavy and GNP. The education of a citizen of the world, responsible for the environment was not a priority. Today, given the urgency of the situation, the hesitation is no longer appropriate.

International surveys, reports from the UN
 World Bank statistics are less unanimous on one point: timothy cox fort worth texas evironmental ecosystem the degradation of the African environment is a reality whose consequences will be catastrophic on the continent if measures are not taken immediately. Pell-mell down the rainforest (over 100,000 hectares per year in Zambia) is quoted, desert encroachment (300 km in thirty years for the Sahel), rapid urbanization and population whose growth rates are thrilled. One would think that African pay scant regard to the environment in which they live; Here at least the indictment stands as the West.

justify certain agricultural practices by timothy cox fort
  On the other hand, Africans cite the importance of tradition to justify certain agricultural practices which have also proven: Slash and Burn, subject to all charges, contributed for centuries to protect the environment but did not resist the bulge. The problem is not, by far, the lack of ecological reflex in Africa: The continent is one of the cradles of humanity and man leads to his cattle over eight thousand years. in timothy cox fort worth texas fight against marine pollution If his action was harmful, it would be compared to a rather distant golden age!
We forgot that Africans knew how ecology admitted a European expert at the Rio conference. The child Abidjan learn early not to waste resources that surround it: recycling waste that Europe has discovered a few years ago was a much older reality in the African city where plastic, glass, cans its recovered, sold or processed. Unlearning waste is a learning objective in northern schools, not necessarily in Africa where the need for an everyday gestures.
What emerges here is the act of reason is survival there.
  But then what is the role of education?

Timothy cox fort worth texas environment biodiversity unquestionably, the cruel urgency of environmental protection will only be resolved by the emergence of a conscious African citizen problems and ready to act. But who better to train the school? Africa’s future is being played now 90% of its export earnings and 50% of jobs come from the exploitation of natural resources. What will happen there in twenty years if the decisions are not taken? new technicians, engineers, managers must be trained who will integrate their programs to the environmental variable. This is not to meet its
Donors that Senghor University for the development of Africa, whose premises are located in Alexandria, opened two new sections environment there two years, and more recently natural heritage conservation.
  Timothy cox fort worth texas engine of discovery At its height, the simple African citizen does not reject the protection of the environment, but the daily prevents him from taking the decline in the West it is considered necessary. Children Dakar or Abidjan are often more concerned with survival issues as the fate of the planet. What matters to them is to get out today and the ozone layer is diluted, nor the greenhouse effect, mean nothing to them. Rather northern children, who mostly everyday poses little difficulty, easily conceive the negative consequences of forest loss and gases released into the air. African education strive to avoid modeling its programs with those of the North that are not based on the same presuppositions. It is further necessary that programs exist: gold reading whatever discipline is often enlightening about policy gaps textbooks.
  Yet Timothy cox fort worth texas environmental interests more than one African, and paradoxically it is an obstacle to the development of protection. Because if the road problems, the lack of toilets in schools or garbage collection concern the basis of population, ready to act, decision makers often have the privilege of living in relatively protected areas do care little. Especially as the construction of a sewage disposal system has never released capital number. The major donors, such as large local financial, prefer expensive projects (whose utility is unrelated to cost) to local, initiatives cheaper and more effective.

The school can then play its role promoting support local emergencies and helping to train future students more: able to meet the needs of Africa. Too long ecology appeared to African as a Western idea coming oppose their thirst for development. Indeed not easy to explain to a farmer that they regularly destroy crops that elephants must be protected.

Only education will regain control over concepts and ideas whose relevance is no longer questioned. In this effort are now working with international organizations, UNESCO in mind, but also the Ministry of Cooperation and the League of Education. One program is called Citizenship, Environment, Development, the three key words of the action that will be conducted in the coming years in Africa.

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what is the role of education? 30.09.2014
That was in 1980that  Timothy cox fort worth texas ecology report wrote…...

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